Friday, 16 March 2012

An Introduction to ANNA☆S

ANNA☆S is a group that I just found, and one which has certainly interested me. I found this cute girl group under the JPHiP Postwhore Idol Thread which I sometimes take a look at, and these girls peaked my interest. So, here I am, profiling them for you all!

ANNA☆S is a group that consists of 4 members, with their leader being Anna, and are managed by Nishida Project, who also manage the dance unit, DANCE NUTS'. The girls have currently released 2 singles, titled Confession and Promise. Hopefully, there will be a PV release for Promise soon, as these girls already have a few PV's up for their group already. They seem to be quite an active group, which is always a good sign in the Idol industry.

The members of this unit are:

Name: Anna
Birthdate: 23rd September
Blood Type: A
Special Skill: E-mail
Recently Likes: Listening to music
Favourite Things: iPod
Favourite Colour: Pink
Recent Songs You Like: Amuro Namie, Hirakuriamu (?)

Name: Rina
Birthdate: January 24th
Blood Type: O
Special Skill: Imitation of a school teacher
Recently Likes: Collecting accessories
Favourite Things: Teddy Bear
Favourite Colour: Pink
Recent Songs You Like: DANCE NUTS', JUMP (?)

Name: Yu-Na
Birthdate: August 12th
Blood Type: AB
Special Skill: Work
Recently Likes: Puzzles
Favourite Things: 'These stuffed animals which were from some of our fans, Tsu~'
Favourite Colour: Pink, light blue
Recent Songs You Like: Disney

Name: Suzuka
Birthdate: July 8th
Blood Type: B
Special Skill: Cartwheels
Recently Likes: Herself (?)
Favourite Things: Stuffed Anpanman
Favourite Colour: Pink, Yellow, Orange
Recent Songs You Like: Arashi (good taste, girl!)

These four girls make up the cute unit that is ANNA☆S, and to keep you rooting for these cuties, please watch the following videos that they have released to entertain their fanbase and to show off their talents as a 4-nin Idol unit.

'Confessions' is from their first single, and is the A-side track.

'Ultra Super Jump' is the coupling track to 'Confessions' from their first single release.

'CALL' is a solo-song by Anna, and will be present on the second single by the group, titled Promise.

'BUD' is a solo song by member Yu-Na

The managements youtube account also has various live performances by the girls uploaded.

This is a live performance of 'Promise'

A live of their song 'Ultra Super Jump'

'Confessions' live

They also have a song titled 'keitai no ura no purikura no pi^su' which has a live version available.

I would definitely check this unit out, because all of these girls are equally charming and cute, with really catchy songs. Whilst they may not have released much, they have released more than other Idol groups and seem quite interesting. I hope to continue checking up on this group and seeing what they come out with.

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