Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Datte... LOVE ME DO!!! Freestyle Dance Time! - An ANNA☆S Idol Fanfiction

Note: I realise that I haven't updated this blog in well over a year, and honestly, I didn't know what to update with. I usually post most news and introductions on my main blog now, however recently I decided to write a fanfiction on a group I have actually talked about, and introduced, on here before. This is inspired by their most recent PV, Datte LOVE ME DO by the group ANNA☆S. This was writen because, as of late, I have been talking to someone on Facebook who is a dedicated fan of the quirky and cute group, and I have found myself roleplaying the members with characters that I think fit them based on their appearances. So, that said, this is the fanfiction that I have written for them. I hope that this is okay, and that you all enjoy~

Also, this is my first Idol Fanfiction. I also have not written fanfiction in a while... so it might just be the most boring thing ever! Apologies!

This Fanfiction was inspired by Gaston, who I talk to about ANNA☆S a lot on Facebook. They are a group he loves, and whenever he posts pictures of them, I will sometimes comment with the characters I have made up for the girls based on how they look. So, Gaston, here is an Idol Fanfiction dedicated to you, and also the wonderful Idol trio that is ANN☆S. Enjoy~

*The members Anna, Suzuka and Yu-na are real people of the idol group ANNA☆S. This is a story made by a fan who just wants to have fun, and to show that she truly likes this group enough to dedicate a fun and silly little fanfic to the group! Do not take any of this seriously, please.