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Datte... LOVE ME DO!!! Freestyle Dance Time! - An ANNA☆S Idol Fanfiction

Note: I realise that I haven't updated this blog in well over a year, and honestly, I didn't know what to update with. I usually post most news and introductions on my main blog now, however recently I decided to write a fanfiction on a group I have actually talked about, and introduced, on here before. This is inspired by their most recent PV, Datte LOVE ME DO by the group ANNA☆S. This was writen because, as of late, I have been talking to someone on Facebook who is a dedicated fan of the quirky and cute group, and I have found myself roleplaying the members with characters that I think fit them based on their appearances. So, that said, this is the fanfiction that I have written for them. I hope that this is okay, and that you all enjoy~

Also, this is my first Idol Fanfiction. I also have not written fanfiction in a while... so it might just be the most boring thing ever! Apologies!

This Fanfiction was inspired by Gaston, who I talk to about ANNA☆S a lot on Facebook. They are a group he loves, and whenever he posts pictures of them, I will sometimes comment with the characters I have made up for the girls based on how they look. So, Gaston, here is an Idol Fanfiction dedicated to you, and also the wonderful Idol trio that is ANN☆S. Enjoy~

*The members Anna, Suzuka and Yu-na are real people of the idol group ANNA☆S. This is a story made by a fan who just wants to have fun, and to show that she truly likes this group enough to dedicate a fun and silly little fanfic to the group! Do not take any of this seriously, please.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

An Introduction to Pramo!

Pramo is an Indies Idol unit which consists of five members from Junior to High school. Their name is an abbreviation for 'Plastic Model', and the girls hope to be able to do activities that include singing, modelling, community-based activities, MC moderating, and to also help vitalize the regional community and the yearning of the citizens. Their activities are based mainly in Akita Prefecture, but the girls hope to expand to the Northeast and to one day go nationwide.

Pramo's original line up before March 31st, 2012
Pramo were created in 2010, but started their activities in 2011 and released their first single, Jidai wo hajimaru Yotsu! The group released their second single, Tsubomi ~Ichigoichie~ this March, then on March 31st, two of the original members, Sonoka and Miyu, both graduated the group and two new members joined, Aoi and Misaki.

Pramo are a local Idol unit who hope to bring love to their prefecture, and to vitalise Akita with their activities.

Pramo have a Youtube channel, an Official website, as well as individual blogs for the members of the group.

And now that the introduction has been created, let's look at the girls' profiles.

Name: Seren (Leader)
Nickname: Seren
DOB: August 17th, 1997 (14)
Hometown: Oga, Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I want to continue to grow this year more and more, and would also like to be joined by new members. I was able to grow from here last year because there was the support from the fans. Above all I was happy to have had my first live outside the prefecture in less than one year since being in the group. I now want to go on promoting Akita as 'Pramo Reborn!'. I will work hard for Akita!"

Name: Mayu
Nickname: Maa-chan
DOB: May 28th, 1998 (14)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "Thank you for cheering me on and helping me to work harder, but now it seems that Pramo has been reborn. We want to continue to smile more and more for everyone!"

Name: Komugi
Nickname: Komu
DOB: June 22nd, 1998 (13)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I want to go far this year... it's hard to word how committed I am to Akita, I want to do so much as Akita Prefecture's Pramo. I will do my best and work hard to become the face of Akita. I am happy from everyone's warm support!"

Name: Aoi
Nickname: Ao
DOB: August 30th, 1995 (16)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I'm one of two new members... I am AOI of Pramo2 Kisei! Please remember that I am the only shortcut of Pramo! I wish to be an Idol who can talk to my loving fans. Thank you and I hope to do my best so that I can become an Idol fo ideal aims."

Name: Misaki
Nickname: Mii-chan
DOB: June 3rd, 1999 (13)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I am Misaki of Pramo2 Kisei, nice to meet you... Thank you all for working so hard and cheering us on hen we sing and dance."

Graduated Members:

Name: Sonoka
Nickname: Sonocchi
DOB: 18th February, 1994 (15)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Word to Fans: "I have a positive personality and will not give up on anything! Thank you!"

Name: Miyu
Nickname: Myuumyuu
DOB: 14th February, 1994 (15)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words to Fans: "Thank you for supporting the Idol unit that is from Akita! I love singing and dancing. We want to be a group that is always positive in terms of personality and is lively! Thank you."

Pramo are a cute Idol group who have a great idea of what they want to do for their prefecture. I like their concept that they are Akita-based Idols who want to promote and help their hometown and vitalise it with their singing, dancing and other activities.

Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu!
Tsubomi ~Ichigoichie~
Pramo have currently released only two singles, one PV and also feature on a radio show called Pramo + where they are weekly regulars.

And now, for the videos!

Pramo's debut single, Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu! full PV:

Pramo's live performance of Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu! with an introduction at the beginning:

Pramo's second part of their mini live, with a small MC segment and then a performance of their song Odori Masshoi KOMACHI:

Pramo street performance of Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu! and their B-side, Odori Masshoi KOMACHI:

Pramo promoting their second single, Tsubomi ~Ichigoichie~:

A Pramo Mini Live:

Pramo Mini Live and Introductions with Pramo2 Kisei, Aoi and Misaki:

There are honestly plenty more videos where these came from, but there are so many and I don't think I can put them all on the blog! However, within the reference links for where I got all this information, I will leave various links to youtube channels which host the performances of this group. I'm sure there are plenty more as well, so if you find this group interesting, start looking for those live performances!

Reference Links:

Videos: Yamamoto4gou1, TAKA00229, Kimuji17, SIIG2012
Formemer Members Info:

I apologise for my horrible translation skills, but I still only use Google Translate so I do have a hard time trying to piece words together. Thankfully I can make some things out vaguely!

Anyway, I hope that this information helps you all out in learning more about the Indies Idol unit Pramo!


Station♪ PV CM's released, Full PV's and More!

Station♪ are quickly becoming one of my favourite Indies Idol groups right next to Houkago Princess. They're cute, they have lovely songs and they seem to still be going strong. So, I was really happy that recently two of their PV's were uploaded for the world to see on Dailymotion (One is also on youtube).

Also, quite recently, a new youtube channel has been added by Station♪'s agency, Jolly Roger, which hosts two 30 second spot CM's for two of the groups PV's, Susume and Kinenbi ni Aimashou.

But whilst these two CM's are out, someone has kindly hosted both Susume and Let's Go! Tetsudo Idol on Dailymotion, and Susume is also on youtube as wel.. Be sure to check these two PV's out and see if you like Station♪'s style!

The PV's are both quite simple but cute, and do promote the Train Museum where they were recording the video, however it does give us an insight to what you can do in the Train Museum. I also think it ties in beautifully with Station♪'s theme too, much like PASSPO's theme of flight attendants.

Also, back in April Station♪ held a mini promotional live where they showed off their cute personalities and their bond as a group. This mini live also showed us the vocal and dancing skills of Chiba Nana, Station♪'s apprentice member. For this mini-live, the girls sang 'Susume' and all the fans joined in with their Wota cry to spurr the girls on.

Two videos are available, one which only shows the performance of Susume, and the other which shows the girls' introductions and then their performance.

Song Performance:

Introduction + Performance:

Be sure to check out Station♪, and if you like what you see and hear, then be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel and show your support for the girls!


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Introduction to Girl Group ManaMinaRisa

I decided to chance looking for an interesting Idol group by searching Google Images, and the 3-member Idol group ManaMinoRisa popped up, linking to the blog Pure Idol Heart, which actually posts a lot of Indie unit related posts. However, this isn't the first time I had actually seen this group - I actually stumbled upon their newest PV a while back, most likely by JPHiP, but had no interest in the group at all, because their new song was not to my taste. However, I am glad that I found them again. A lot of groups that I actually like now are groups that I dismissed beforehand, then returned to later by chance or accident. So hopefully this won't be the last I see of this cute group.

Some brief information on ManaMinoRisa - They are known as the 'little sister' group of Perfume, as they debuted from the same school, Actors School in Hiroshima. However, they don't possess the same vocaloid-like sound that Perfume have adopted, but portray a cuter image that is a lot more Idol-like. They debuted back in 2007 with their first single, IDOLDAMA☆C.

I'm not going to exactly class these girls as Indies Idols, however I don't see them around the web much, so I will post their profiles and videos here.

Name: Tanino Manami
Nickname: Mana-san, Garako
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 156cm
Interests: Eating, walking, collecting Disney items, Make-up, touching my nose with my tongue

Name: Okayama Minori
Nickname: Mino, Minorin
Birthplace; Hiroshima Prefecture
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 160cm
Interests: Shopping only

Name: Matsumae Rina
Nickname: Ri-chan
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 157.2cm
Interests: Jump in Café's, dance, jump repeatedly to the side

1st single, IDOLDAMA☆C PV

2nd Single, 'Koi Obu Myujikku' (Love of Music)

3rd Single, 'Ai to Heiwa no Messeji (Shou)

5th Single, 'Polaris'

5th single, 'Sentimental Riot'

6th single, 'Doremiso☆ Rock!'

6th Single 'Home Again ~Ai no Misoshiru~

Now, please excuse me whilst I killmy ears with the amazing Polaris and Sentimental Riot!


Friday, 13 April 2012

Station♪ Apprentice Introduction: Chiba Nana!

On February 14th of this year, Chiba Nana became an apprentice member of the indies Idol unit Station♪. She was announced as an apprentice at an Idol event where many indie idol units gathered to perform to fans, and Nana presented a birthday cake to senpai member Katou Ichika,who's birthday is February 14th, and she also participated in a group dance with the other members wearing the regulated Station♪ uniform and showed off her skills as a dancer along with the other members.

Name: Chiba Nana
DOB: 11th February, 1997 (15)
Hometown: Shizuoka
Blood Type: AB


Presenting Birthday Cake

Performing 'Susume'


Friday, 16 March 2012

An Introduction to ANNA☆S

ANNA☆S is a group that I just found, and one which has certainly interested me. I found this cute girl group under the JPHiP Postwhore Idol Thread which I sometimes take a look at, and these girls peaked my interest. So, here I am, profiling them for you all!

ANNA☆S is a group that consists of 4 members, with their leader being Anna, and are managed by Nishida Project, who also manage the dance unit, DANCE NUTS'. The girls have currently released 2 singles, titled Confession and Promise. Hopefully, there will be a PV release for Promise soon, as these girls already have a few PV's up for their group already. They seem to be quite an active group, which is always a good sign in the Idol industry.

The members of this unit are:

Name: Anna
Birthdate: 23rd September
Blood Type: A
Special Skill: E-mail
Recently Likes: Listening to music
Favourite Things: iPod
Favourite Colour: Pink
Recent Songs You Like: Amuro Namie, Hirakuriamu (?)

Name: Rina
Birthdate: January 24th
Blood Type: O
Special Skill: Imitation of a school teacher
Recently Likes: Collecting accessories
Favourite Things: Teddy Bear
Favourite Colour: Pink
Recent Songs You Like: DANCE NUTS', JUMP (?)

Name: Yu-Na
Birthdate: August 12th
Blood Type: AB
Special Skill: Work
Recently Likes: Puzzles
Favourite Things: 'These stuffed animals which were from some of our fans, Tsu~'
Favourite Colour: Pink, light blue
Recent Songs You Like: Disney

Name: Suzuka
Birthdate: July 8th
Blood Type: B
Special Skill: Cartwheels
Recently Likes: Herself (?)
Favourite Things: Stuffed Anpanman
Favourite Colour: Pink, Yellow, Orange
Recent Songs You Like: Arashi (good taste, girl!)

These four girls make up the cute unit that is ANNA☆S, and to keep you rooting for these cuties, please watch the following videos that they have released to entertain their fanbase and to show off their talents as a 4-nin Idol unit.

'Confessions' is from their first single, and is the A-side track.

'Ultra Super Jump' is the coupling track to 'Confessions' from their first single release.

'CALL' is a solo-song by Anna, and will be present on the second single by the group, titled Promise.

'BUD' is a solo song by member Yu-Na

The managements youtube account also has various live performances by the girls uploaded.

This is a live performance of 'Promise'

A live of their song 'Ultra Super Jump'

'Confessions' live

They also have a song titled 'keitai no ura no purikura no pi^su' which has a live version available.

I would definitely check this unit out, because all of these girls are equally charming and cute, with really catchy songs. Whilst they may not have released much, they have released more than other Idol groups and seem quite interesting. I hope to continue checking up on this group and seeing what they come out with.

All information for this blog post was found here:


Monday, 20 February 2012

An Introduction to Station♪

Here is a group that I recently found out about when I was looking at the JPHiP Random Idol Postwhore Thread, a section where people can place their finds on Idol groups that aren't as well known as others in the world of the Idols.

Station♪ is interesting for me because of their background - they are managed by the indies label Jolly Roger, the former label that created the popular air-hostess themed group, PASSPO. So, it's no wonder that Station♪ are actually a themed group, but this time in the form of train conductors.

The group currently consist of four members, aged between 17-14 years old. Their first single, titled Susume, was released on February 1st, 2012, and their 2nd single will be released in March on the 14th, titled' Let's Go Tetsudo Idol. For an indies group, I think that they're moving pretty fast with their singles - but that's a good sign. Hopefully, these girls will be able to manage an official debut soon.

Their aim is to 'Protect Railway Manners'.

Name: Kinjou Narumi
DOB: 22nd November, 1994 (17)
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Baseball, dance, guitar

Name: Katou Ichika
DOB: February 14th, 1995 (17)
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Singing, listening to music, taking pictures, drawing
Favourite Food: Strawberries, walnuts
Favourite Colour: Orange
Favourite word: Ai (Love)

Name: Mie Ayaka
DOB: May 9th, 1994 (17)
Hometown: Hyogo Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Walking, cooking, talking
Favourite Food: Soba, Ramen
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Word: Arigatou (Thanks)

Name: Minami Nene
DOB: 27th May, 1997 (14)
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood Type: O
Hobby: To move the body (?)
Favourite Food: Strawberries
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Word: I become something! (?)

Station♪ is not an easy group to actually research, because there is currently so little on the girls - however, there have been press releases involving the girls and their indies debut to promote them, and the group has an ameblo blog which fans can follow so that they know what the girls are doing and how well they are getting on in the Idol business. You can find their blog HERE

As I also mentioned, Station♪ have had press releases and a few news articles talking about the girls and their debut. There is actually footage of the press conference available on youtube that is split into 4 parts.

Part 1 consists of the girls performing their newest single's A-side, Let's Go Tetsudo Idol and their debut Indies single, Susume.

Part 2 is a Q&A, where the girls also introduce themselves to the press.

Part 3 is a continuation of the press conference, as well as a photo session for the press

Part 4 is the final part, and includes shots of the girls holding their debut CD

You can also find a Yahoo! News article HERE and the LiveDoor article HERE. There is also a small article on the press release from Kyodo News HERE. Sadly, I can't make heads or tails of what is said in either article, however I am pretty sure that both are introduction the group to the Idol world, but if you understand some Japanese, then please check out the articles.

From a rather weak translation (thanks, Google!) of the Kyodo News article, the girls aim to 'Stand on the top of the world as Idols' and possible want to become better than S/mileage and Momoiro Clover Z.

Here are a few more pictures from the press conference:

Be sure to keep an eye out for this group! They seem extremely cute~