Monday, 20 February 2012

An Introduction to Station♪

Here is a group that I recently found out about when I was looking at the JPHiP Random Idol Postwhore Thread, a section where people can place their finds on Idol groups that aren't as well known as others in the world of the Idols.

Station♪ is interesting for me because of their background - they are managed by the indies label Jolly Roger, the former label that created the popular air-hostess themed group, PASSPO. So, it's no wonder that Station♪ are actually a themed group, but this time in the form of train conductors.

The group currently consist of four members, aged between 17-14 years old. Their first single, titled Susume, was released on February 1st, 2012, and their 2nd single will be released in March on the 14th, titled' Let's Go Tetsudo Idol. For an indies group, I think that they're moving pretty fast with their singles - but that's a good sign. Hopefully, these girls will be able to manage an official debut soon.

Their aim is to 'Protect Railway Manners'.

Name: Kinjou Narumi
DOB: 22nd November, 1994 (17)
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Baseball, dance, guitar

Name: Katou Ichika
DOB: February 14th, 1995 (17)
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Singing, listening to music, taking pictures, drawing
Favourite Food: Strawberries, walnuts
Favourite Colour: Orange
Favourite word: Ai (Love)

Name: Mie Ayaka
DOB: May 9th, 1994 (17)
Hometown: Hyogo Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Walking, cooking, talking
Favourite Food: Soba, Ramen
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Word: Arigatou (Thanks)

Name: Minami Nene
DOB: 27th May, 1997 (14)
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood Type: O
Hobby: To move the body (?)
Favourite Food: Strawberries
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Word: I become something! (?)

Station♪ is not an easy group to actually research, because there is currently so little on the girls - however, there have been press releases involving the girls and their indies debut to promote them, and the group has an ameblo blog which fans can follow so that they know what the girls are doing and how well they are getting on in the Idol business. You can find their blog HERE

As I also mentioned, Station♪ have had press releases and a few news articles talking about the girls and their debut. There is actually footage of the press conference available on youtube that is split into 4 parts.

Part 1 consists of the girls performing their newest single's A-side, Let's Go Tetsudo Idol and their debut Indies single, Susume.

Part 2 is a Q&A, where the girls also introduce themselves to the press.

Part 3 is a continuation of the press conference, as well as a photo session for the press

Part 4 is the final part, and includes shots of the girls holding their debut CD

You can also find a Yahoo! News article HERE and the LiveDoor article HERE. There is also a small article on the press release from Kyodo News HERE. Sadly, I can't make heads or tails of what is said in either article, however I am pretty sure that both are introduction the group to the Idol world, but if you understand some Japanese, then please check out the articles.

From a rather weak translation (thanks, Google!) of the Kyodo News article, the girls aim to 'Stand on the top of the world as Idols' and possible want to become better than S/mileage and Momoiro Clover Z.

Here are a few more pictures from the press conference:

Be sure to keep an eye out for this group! They seem extremely cute~


Friday, 10 February 2012

Alice Project Company's new group, me-me, debut!

Alice Project have recently created a new group, and today the official youtube channel updated with two new songs from this 5-nin girl group!

The songs that they will be debuting with are I  (Ai) ♥ (Ai) Ai (Ai), Mirror, You are Addicted and Hoshi Ninoruna Datsu! (To become Stars). These songs are vastly different to each other in terms of how they are composed, with I (Ai)  (Ai) Ai (Ai) being quite cute and childish, Mirror being cool and a little darker, You Are Addicted being a club-remix sort of song, and Hoshi Ninoruna Datsu! being a lot cuter and more up-beat and energetic. Kind of like a Mini Moni song, but a bit softer.

Anyway, here are the girls:

The members that make up this unit are:

Name: Naruse Kokomi
Birthday: 1989.3.3
Height: 147cm
Special Skill: Doodling

Name: Maika
Birthday: 1987.5.15
Height: 156cm
Special Skill: Smiling

Name: Meguri
Birthday: 1989.5.4
Height: 155cm
Special Skill: Table Tennis

Name: Kamisaki Shiori
Birthday: 1990.8.25
Height: 161cm
Special Skill: Piano

Name: Sakura Kokomi
Birthday: 1988.12.18
Height: 155cm
Special Skill: Trumpet

Also, here are the videos to their debut songs. Please enjoy, and I hope that this post has helped you! :D


Friday, 3 February 2012

A Small Introduction to Alice Project

Hello all~

I haven't really updated this blog - looking back, my last post was in June of 2011! If I had waited any longer, I would have hit a full year >.>

Anyway, I will try my best to update this blog a little bit more (no promises!) but, as you probably know, most of my posts are on Okay! Musume Time because it's where I review PV's the most. This blog was to talk about, in general, Idols rather than dote on PVs to do the talking. However, I seem to have migrated that idea over to Okay! Musume Time as well >.>


I thought that it would actually be a good idea to try and introduce a group on this blog, especially ones that are pretty unknown that I have come across. I am still going through many different groups right now, but I have found some groups or projects which are relatively unknown. And one of those projects is Alice Project.

Alice Project is made up of many different tarento's, with most being female talents. Currently, they have 48 Female tarento's, 1 Model, 6 Male tarento's, one child tarento, 7 groups (some new) and 1 soloist within the Project, one of which is Alice Juban, whom I will also be introducing.

If you think about it, that is a lot. And they're pretty much underground Idols.

You can visit their website HERE and their Youtube HERE

Anyways, here are the 8 groups within Alice Project:


Prism is, I believe, the first group to debut under Alice Project, and started out with 6 members. However, one member has since left and the group now stands with 5 members.

The group seems to be based on school, hence the clothes they are wearing. They are described as 'An active High school Unit'

Check out their official website HERE

Name: Shiotani Sayaka
Birthday: September 24th, 1992
Height: 162cm

Name: Kameda Reona
Birthday: October 18th, 1993
Height: 160cm

Name: Suzuki Mami
Birthday: October 24th, 1994
Height: 149cm

Name: Ayase Ami
Birthday: September 2nd, 1991
Height: 161cm

Name: Kiritani Mao
Birthday: October 6th, 1993
Height: 160cm


1. Prism Rapurapu - Fuyu no Prism
2. Days


Pureful are most likely the second group to debut under Alice Pro, and one of the only groups to officially get music videos. Pureful seem to cater to older fans, as the Idols in this group are over 20 years old respectively, and have a heavy sound to their music. They also do a lot of stage-diving, which is what they are known for.

There are currently 5 members in Pureful (though these pictures seem to have ( o-O)

You can find their official site HERE

Name: Fujisaki Asami
Birthday: November 9th, 1989
Height: 150cm
Special Skill: Jumping

Name: Mori Kanon
Birthday: February 11th, 1990
Height: 160cm
Special Skill: Cooking, karaoke, excercise

Name: Ayakawa Komugi
Birthday: August 14th, 1991
Height: 156cm
Special Skill: Sutra chanting, Hanafuda (?)

Name: Tsukimura Reika
Birthday: August 21st, 1986
Height: 156.5cm
Special Skill: Cars and Mopeds, crying with emotion, voice imitation

Name: Sakura Nodoka
Birthday: August 12th, 1990
Height: 163cm
Special Skill: Imitation of dog behaviour


1. DIVE-E (PV)

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom are the unit of energy in Alice Project, and another 5 member unit. These girls have a cuter image to them, and a more energetic and youthful feeling to the group.

You can find their official site HERE

Name: Watanabe Anna
Birthday: August 2nd, 1989
Height: 155cm

Name: Tachibana Anna
Birthday: February 29th, 1992
Height: 156cm

Name: Hayase Amu
Birthday: October 18th, 1990
Height: 151cm

Name: Sakura Rina
Birthday: November 16th, 1991
Height: 157cm

Name: Utena Marie
Birthday: June 1st, 1987
Height: 156 cm



ToppingGirls is a more 'mature' group within Alice Project, thanks to their costumes. They have an 'older schoolgirl' type feel to them and consist of 10 members. All of the members are already in an existing group
within AlicePro.

You can find their official site HERE

Asa Tomomi

Hayase Amu

Fujisaki Asami

Mori Kanon

Shiotani Sayaka

Tachibana Anna

Suzuki Mami

Watanabe Maari

Sakura Nodoka

Utena Marie


Asa Tomomi with WhiteMilk

Asa Tomomi with WhiteMilk is a new group within AlicePro, consisting of 5 members (magical number, isn't it?). There still isn't much information about the group, as they were created this year. However, it seems that this group consists of one main vocalist (Tomomi) and backing dancers/backing vocals

You can find their official site HERE

Name: Asa Tomomi
Birthday: March 9th, 1992
Height: 155cm

Name: Sato Nanase
Birthday: May 25th, 1991
Height: 164cm

Name: Yuuki Meru
Birthday: October 17th, 1995
Height: 159cm

Name: Tsukimiya Karen
Birthday: December 19th, 1996
Height: 159cm

Name: Kurose Sarah
Birthday: August 6th, 1996
Height: 163cm


Alice Juban

Alice Juban, to put it simply, is the MoBeKiMaSu of Alice Pro. The group consists of different members of the project, from existing groups, and bands them together to create this group. Their latest single had 13 of the girls together, most likely from the more popular groups like Pureful and Cherry Blossom.

You can find their official website HERE

(no profiles for this one, as all profiles have been covered)


1. Sky Skeleton (PV)

And that is it~

To those of you who found this helpful at all, I am glad~ I am still learning about this project, so, if there is anything wrong here, please tell me - I am not fluent in Japanese, so I have to rely heavily on translators (which aren't always helpful, trust me). However, I hope that this information will help you all :3