Friday, 10 February 2012

Alice Project Company's new group, me-me, debut!

Alice Project have recently created a new group, and today the official youtube channel updated with two new songs from this 5-nin girl group!

The songs that they will be debuting with are I  (Ai) ♥ (Ai) Ai (Ai), Mirror, You are Addicted and Hoshi Ninoruna Datsu! (To become Stars). These songs are vastly different to each other in terms of how they are composed, with I (Ai)  (Ai) Ai (Ai) being quite cute and childish, Mirror being cool and a little darker, You Are Addicted being a club-remix sort of song, and Hoshi Ninoruna Datsu! being a lot cuter and more up-beat and energetic. Kind of like a Mini Moni song, but a bit softer.

Anyway, here are the girls:

The members that make up this unit are:

Name: Naruse Kokomi
Birthday: 1989.3.3
Height: 147cm
Special Skill: Doodling

Name: Maika
Birthday: 1987.5.15
Height: 156cm
Special Skill: Smiling

Name: Meguri
Birthday: 1989.5.4
Height: 155cm
Special Skill: Table Tennis

Name: Kamisaki Shiori
Birthday: 1990.8.25
Height: 161cm
Special Skill: Piano

Name: Sakura Kokomi
Birthday: 1988.12.18
Height: 155cm
Special Skill: Trumpet

Also, here are the videos to their debut songs. Please enjoy, and I hope that this post has helped you! :D


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