Saturday, 2 June 2012

Station♪ PV CM's released, Full PV's and More!

Station♪ are quickly becoming one of my favourite Indies Idol groups right next to Houkago Princess. They're cute, they have lovely songs and they seem to still be going strong. So, I was really happy that recently two of their PV's were uploaded for the world to see on Dailymotion (One is also on youtube).

Also, quite recently, a new youtube channel has been added by Station♪'s agency, Jolly Roger, which hosts two 30 second spot CM's for two of the groups PV's, Susume and Kinenbi ni Aimashou.

But whilst these two CM's are out, someone has kindly hosted both Susume and Let's Go! Tetsudo Idol on Dailymotion, and Susume is also on youtube as wel.. Be sure to check these two PV's out and see if you like Station♪'s style!

The PV's are both quite simple but cute, and do promote the Train Museum where they were recording the video, however it does give us an insight to what you can do in the Train Museum. I also think it ties in beautifully with Station♪'s theme too, much like PASSPO's theme of flight attendants.

Also, back in April Station♪ held a mini promotional live where they showed off their cute personalities and their bond as a group. This mini live also showed us the vocal and dancing skills of Chiba Nana, Station♪'s apprentice member. For this mini-live, the girls sang 'Susume' and all the fans joined in with their Wota cry to spurr the girls on.

Two videos are available, one which only shows the performance of Susume, and the other which shows the girls' introductions and then their performance.

Song Performance:

Introduction + Performance:

Be sure to check out Station♪, and if you like what you see and hear, then be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel and show your support for the girls!


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