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An Introduction to Pramo!

Pramo is an Indies Idol unit which consists of five members from Junior to High school. Their name is an abbreviation for 'Plastic Model', and the girls hope to be able to do activities that include singing, modelling, community-based activities, MC moderating, and to also help vitalize the regional community and the yearning of the citizens. Their activities are based mainly in Akita Prefecture, but the girls hope to expand to the Northeast and to one day go nationwide.

Pramo's original line up before March 31st, 2012
Pramo were created in 2010, but started their activities in 2011 and released their first single, Jidai wo hajimaru Yotsu! The group released their second single, Tsubomi ~Ichigoichie~ this March, then on March 31st, two of the original members, Sonoka and Miyu, both graduated the group and two new members joined, Aoi and Misaki.

Pramo are a local Idol unit who hope to bring love to their prefecture, and to vitalise Akita with their activities.

Pramo have a Youtube channel, an Official website, as well as individual blogs for the members of the group.

And now that the introduction has been created, let's look at the girls' profiles.

Name: Seren (Leader)
Nickname: Seren
DOB: August 17th, 1997 (14)
Hometown: Oga, Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I want to continue to grow this year more and more, and would also like to be joined by new members. I was able to grow from here last year because there was the support from the fans. Above all I was happy to have had my first live outside the prefecture in less than one year since being in the group. I now want to go on promoting Akita as 'Pramo Reborn!'. I will work hard for Akita!"

Name: Mayu
Nickname: Maa-chan
DOB: May 28th, 1998 (14)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "Thank you for cheering me on and helping me to work harder, but now it seems that Pramo has been reborn. We want to continue to smile more and more for everyone!"

Name: Komugi
Nickname: Komu
DOB: June 22nd, 1998 (13)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I want to go far this year... it's hard to word how committed I am to Akita, I want to do so much as Akita Prefecture's Pramo. I will do my best and work hard to become the face of Akita. I am happy from everyone's warm support!"

Name: Aoi
Nickname: Ao
DOB: August 30th, 1995 (16)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I'm one of two new members... I am AOI of Pramo2 Kisei! Please remember that I am the only shortcut of Pramo! I wish to be an Idol who can talk to my loving fans. Thank you and I hope to do my best so that I can become an Idol fo ideal aims."

Name: Misaki
Nickname: Mii-chan
DOB: June 3rd, 1999 (13)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words for Fans: "I am Misaki of Pramo2 Kisei, nice to meet you... Thank you all for working so hard and cheering us on hen we sing and dance."

Graduated Members:

Name: Sonoka
Nickname: Sonocchi
DOB: 18th February, 1994 (15)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Word to Fans: "I have a positive personality and will not give up on anything! Thank you!"

Name: Miyu
Nickname: Myuumyuu
DOB: 14th February, 1994 (15)
Hometown: Akita Prefecture
Words to Fans: "Thank you for supporting the Idol unit that is from Akita! I love singing and dancing. We want to be a group that is always positive in terms of personality and is lively! Thank you."

Pramo are a cute Idol group who have a great idea of what they want to do for their prefecture. I like their concept that they are Akita-based Idols who want to promote and help their hometown and vitalise it with their singing, dancing and other activities.

Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu!
Tsubomi ~Ichigoichie~
Pramo have currently released only two singles, one PV and also feature on a radio show called Pramo + where they are weekly regulars.

And now, for the videos!

Pramo's debut single, Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu! full PV:

Pramo's live performance of Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu! with an introduction at the beginning:

Pramo's second part of their mini live, with a small MC segment and then a performance of their song Odori Masshoi KOMACHI:

Pramo street performance of Jidai wo Hajimaru Yotsu! and their B-side, Odori Masshoi KOMACHI:

Pramo promoting their second single, Tsubomi ~Ichigoichie~:

A Pramo Mini Live:

Pramo Mini Live and Introductions with Pramo2 Kisei, Aoi and Misaki:

There are honestly plenty more videos where these came from, but there are so many and I don't think I can put them all on the blog! However, within the reference links for where I got all this information, I will leave various links to youtube channels which host the performances of this group. I'm sure there are plenty more as well, so if you find this group interesting, start looking for those live performances!

Reference Links:

Videos: Yamamoto4gou1, TAKA00229, Kimuji17, SIIG2012
Formemer Members Info:

I apologise for my horrible translation skills, but I still only use Google Translate so I do have a hard time trying to piece words together. Thankfully I can make some things out vaguely!

Anyway, I hope that this information helps you all out in learning more about the Indies Idol unit Pramo!


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