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Datte... LOVE ME DO!!! Freestyle Dance Time! - An ANNA☆S Idol Fanfiction

Note: I realise that I haven't updated this blog in well over a year, and honestly, I didn't know what to update with. I usually post most news and introductions on my main blog now, however recently I decided to write a fanfiction on a group I have actually talked about, and introduced, on here before. This is inspired by their most recent PV, Datte LOVE ME DO by the group ANNA☆S. This was writen because, as of late, I have been talking to someone on Facebook who is a dedicated fan of the quirky and cute group, and I have found myself roleplaying the members with characters that I think fit them based on their appearances. So, that said, this is the fanfiction that I have written for them. I hope that this is okay, and that you all enjoy~

Also, this is my first Idol Fanfiction. I also have not written fanfiction in a while... so it might just be the most boring thing ever! Apologies!

This Fanfiction was inspired by Gaston, who I talk to about ANNA☆S a lot on Facebook. They are a group he loves, and whenever he posts pictures of them, I will sometimes comment with the characters I have made up for the girls based on how they look. So, Gaston, here is an Idol Fanfiction dedicated to you, and also the wonderful Idol trio that is ANN☆S. Enjoy~

*The members Anna, Suzuka and Yu-na are real people of the idol group ANNA☆S. This is a story made by a fan who just wants to have fun, and to show that she truly likes this group enough to dedicate a fun and silly little fanfic to the group! Do not take any of this seriously, please.

It was a normal day in the ANNA☆S Studio, and all three members of the cute Idol unit were ready to rehearse for their up-coming PV shoot for their new music video, Datte LOVE ME DO. After the success of their last single, the energetic and powerful Su And You, the girls are now ready to take on their next song and amaze their fans even more with their energy and cuteness.

But, unlike the days before this, the ANNA☆S Studios have, in fact, been infiltrated. This is where I, Chiima, come in, as today I will be taking a look at what goes on behind the scenes of the ANNA☆S girls, and will report to you all just what happens. Let's go, shall we?

Immediately upon walking into the Studio, the girls were standing there, waiting with as much patience as they could muster for their Choreographer and Director, a man that many have come to know simply as BOSS, to start the practice and photo session. It was a big day for the girls, as this would be a new PV shooting, and they were ready to perfect what they had been learning for a few weeks now. However, much to the frustration of the group members, BOSS were terribly late.

"Ahhh~ I wonder where BOSS-san is today? I rea~lly want to dance!!!" Su-chan, the quirky character in yellow sighed, her feet tapping against the ground as she tried not to move around too much. She, a burst of energy much like her member colour, wanted to dance desperately, to let out that pent-up eagerness that she had been containing since stepping foot in the Studio that morning. She was patient, but there was only so much on young girl could contain when her excitement was far too much to bear.

"Urgh, where IS Director-san!? Don't they know that we have a schedule to keep!?" Cried Anna, the cautious and punctual leader of the Idol trio. Ever punctual and never late, Anna really did not like it when others were late for a session, even if it was only to practice. Knowing that they would not start their lessons on time threw the Leader off-track, bringing out the panic in her that she tried to contain at all times. Running forward with frustration, Anna went to check the door, hoping that their beloved BOSS would come through any second.

No one did, and she frowned, her hands curling into small fists as she tried to calm the knot that was tying in her stomach that very second.

"Hmph!" Came the haughty and cool tone of Yu-na, walking towards the door with her hands set on her hips, a dark glower across her face. "Of course they won't come now! They are too selfish and lazy for their own good!" She snapped coldly, her expression unwavering. Ever aloof and indifferent, Yu-na was the spoiled Princess-character and youngest of the group. With an air of superiority and arrogance about her, she has an image of absolute importance, and commands attention with her tongue of steel and poison.

Shooting a glare at Anna, Yu-na quickly turned on her heel and returned to where Su-chan stood, her mood dark and sullen, eyes fixated on a wall now. Standing at the door alone, Anna felt herself start to shake. They would be late, and there was nothing that they could do about it now...

"Hey, wait a minute!" Su-chan cried happily, jumping up with a wide, toothy smile on her face as her eyes glittered. Both Anna and Yu-na turned their heads to stare at the energetic member, eyebrows raised as she beamed brightly, bouncing on her feet energetically, the excitement hard to contain at the thought that had just entered her mind. "Why don't WE begin the practice and photo sessions!?" Su-chan was practically bouncing off the walls at that point, her energy and spirit high as she told the other members her plan. Upon hearing this, both Anna and Yu-na exchanged quick glances, before returning their gazes to Su-chan, who was still bouncing, eyes and smile wide.

"I don't know..." Anna began, quickly glancing at the door in the hopes that BOSS would come to save them from this mad plan of Su-chan's. Of course, no one came in.

"Come on!!!" Grinned Su-chan, bouncing over to Anna happily and dragging her back towards Yu-na, who ignored the glances that cried help from her Leader as she stared at the wall with disinterest, and found herself standing between the two girls helplessly.

"Th-this wasn't in the... sch-schedule..." The Leader gulped, eyes wide with panic and fear as Yu-na shrugged and Su-chan laughed, shaking her head and running over the CD Player and camera equipment that they had used for practice before. Anna turned her head, staring at Yu-na who was now watching Su-chan intently.

"Why aren't you saying anything!?" Anna cried, the frustration and panic in her voice and eyes clear. Yu-na simply shrugged before standing in the right position for the dance practice that was clearly about to happen.

"Because, one way or another, this is going to happen, whether you like it or not." She answered matter of factly, turning her attention away from Anna as she prepared herself for the inevitable. Mouth agape, Anna could do nothing but stand there, and admit defeat. This was happening... and she could do nothing to stop it, because one way or another, it had to happen.

"Ready?" Smiled Su-chan, running towards her group mates as Anna stared at her with horror. Yu-na simply shrugged, paying little attention to either of them. "Sure, whatever." She muttered, and waited for the song to start as they stood in formation, getting for their practice session.

Upon hearing the music play, Anna, ever the professional regardless of how punctual and organised she liked to keep everything, began the dance session as she had been taught by the kind and caring BOSS. After that, Su-chan and Yu-na followed suit, working hard to perfect the dance that they had been learning alongside their Leader since a few weeks back.

"Hey... this actually isn't that bad!" Anna smiled energetically, finding that she was having a lot of fun, despite the fact that their instructors were not there to guide them in case they made a mistake. Upon hearing this, Su-chan smiled even more brightly than before, glad to know that her Leader and friend was having fun and letting herself go. It was, in her opinion, wonderful to see a carefree and happy Anna, rather than the punctual and jumpy Leader that she knew so well.

"Good! Because this is supposed to be fun!" Giggled Su-chan, dancing with extra energy now that she knew Anna was having a good time, rather than focusing on perfecting everything. Yu-na, on the other hand, simply rolled her eyes, only to then quickly conceal a small smile from her group mates when she knew that they weren't looking.

The girls, enjoying what would have been a serious dance session if BOSS had been there, we having fun! Their energy was high, and they were dancing without worrying about the mistakes that they would make and possibly get scolded for or have to repeat. So, when the music eventually came to an end, it was a disappointing moment for the members of ANNA☆S, especially Anna, who had found herself really enjoying the ease of dancing without the worries of making mistakes.

"See?" Grinned Su-chan, her smile eager and bright, "Wasn't that fun? There was nothing to worry about!" she said, laughing happily as Anna, not really wanting to admit defeat, nodded slowly. Yu-na, who had kept quiet so as not to give away her cool demeanour, folded her arms across her chest and shrugged.

"It was alright I suppose..." She muttered, looking up in time to see the crazed look of eccentric giddiness on Su-chan's face. Quickly, Yu-na stiffened and frowned. "N-Not that I enjoyed it, that is! I mean, it was okay for just a practice session without BOSS-san... th-that's it, though!" She cried indignantly, turning her back to the group members as Anna and Su-chan exchanged knowing glances, a large smile spreading across the already cheerful Su-chan's face.

"Awww, Yu-na! I knew you would love it, too!" She cried happily, running over to hug Yu-na who was trying hard not to smile or give in to Su-chan's infectious happiness. Watching the two, Anna could only shake her head and sigh.

"Hey!" Su-chan suddenly piped up, eyes sparkling once again as Yu-na and Anna stared at her, wondering what sort of idea their mad group member and friend had concocted this time.

"Er... Hey, what?" Yu-na asked, regretting the simple question the second she heard herself say it.

"Why don't we do a freestyle dance!?" Su-chan turned her head from side to side, staring at her friends with hope-filled eyes as they looked at her, pondering what she had just said. Smiling brightly, and without even listening to anything either Anna or Yu-na would have to say if they had been given the chance, she ran over towards the CD Player again, ready to press the play button as the other two girls stood, waiting for her whilst still thinking over what Su-chan had just proposed they do.

Then, the realisation of what she had said dawned on Anna...

"Wait, WHAT!?" Anna yelped, turning to stare at Su-chan with wide eyes as her peppy friend laughed, amused by Anna's reaction to what she had said.

"I said, let's do try a freestyle dance! You know, just... dance. Like idiots!" Su-chan explained brightly, her smile widening as Anna, mouth open in shock, stared at her younger group mate. She wanted to say something, to stop this madness already. Practising without BOSS to watch over them was one thing, but to completely freestyle the entire dance...

"So, we're going to do it, right!?" Su-chan was eager and filled with energy, to the point where she looked ready to burst, and raring to go. Anna knew then that, no matter what she said, she could not deter Su-chan from the plan she had already formed in her mind. There truly was no going back now...

And so, with defeat and reluctance in her tone of voice, Anna sighed heavily and replied "Sure... we're going to do it." earning a squeal of delight from Su-chan almost immediately, and a look of stern disappointment from Yu-na.

As Su-chan eagerly pressed the play button on the CD Player before skipping back to her group mates, Yu-na stared Anna, clearly annoyed by her agreement to the Freestyle dance they were about to do.

"What?" Anna muttered bitterly, folding her arms across her chest and returning the stern gaze to the youngest member. "It's not like you were helping me stop her from deciding to do this!" Frustrated more than she had been before the start of the practice session, all joy and happiness from the practice they had experienced together was gone from Anna now, and she was left feeling nervous and unsure of herself. She didn't do freestyle dancing, it was always structured! It was how she liked it, but right now Su-chan was making them play around, messing up everything that they had learned...

"It'll be fine!" Su-chan said brightly, noticing immediately how nervous Anna was, and catching the stern and dark look upon Yu-na's face. "It's only a little bit of fun! Anyway, what else are we going to do? No one's here to tell us what to do, right? Relax!" She seemed so confident and up-beat about the entire thing, and in a way, it eased the other two a little. Not a lot, but enough to help them relax as the music started up again.

"No, no! Stop trying to do what we learned!" Su-chan scolded, surprising both Anna and Yu-na with her sharp tone of voice. They had, sub-consciously, started to repeat the steps that they had known since they had started dance lessons for the song, even though they were supposed to be trying the freestyle dance that Su-chan had wanted to do. "Just forget the dance! Be silly!" She told them, sounding almost like BOSS did when he was instructing them on what to do. Exchanging glances of uncertainty, Anna and Yu-na sighed, unsure of what to do with themselves. Both were rather reliable on their dance lessons (especially Yu-na, it has to be said) and di not know how to do freestyle dance. They were not carefree like Su-chan was, and did not have the energy or nature to be silly and outrageous in their dance moves.

"Er..." Yu-na slouched, wondering what to do with herself. Anna simply stood there, wondering if she could somehow incorporate the original dance moves subtly, making sure that Su-chan never noticed. The two girls were really at a loss with what to do.

"Come on, just dance! Jump around or something!" Su-chan jumped, flinging her arms in the air and grinning. She was a ball of energy, and was bouncing around more than Anna or Yu-na had ever seen her bounce around before. With the freedom to do what she wished, Su-chan was well and truly an absolute nut-job.

Anna and Yu-na could do nothing but admire, and slightly fear, this mad side to Su-chan that she somehow restricted when in the presence of their mentors.

Then, without them noticing as they pondered on what they could do to match her madness, Su-chan disappeared.

"BOO!" She yelled suddenly, jumping from behind Anna and landing at her side.

"KYA!" Screamed Anna loudly, turning suddenly as Su-chan grinned, hands above her head and a look of pure satisfaction upon her cheerful face. Yu-na looked unimpressed, though she would never admit that Su-chan's little prank had also shocked her a bit, too.

"Su-chan, stop being such a child!" Scolded Yu-na sternly, glaring at her friend as Su-chan snickered gleefully, unashamed of what she had done.

"Well, I had to get you to jump somehow!" She admitted, smiling proudly to herself as Yu-na rolled her eyes, tutting to herself at the yellow members immaturity. Anna, however, stared at Su-chan, amazed by what she had done. Yes, it was impractical and childish, but in a way, it had allowed the two of them to join...

It was then that Anna, much to Su-chan's utter delight and Yu-na's confusion, started jumping around and waving her arms above her head.

"Yes! Yes, you're getting it now!" Su-chan yelled happily, jumping around with Anna madly as Yu-na watched the two, wondering what had gotten into them (Anna especially, because she already knew that Su-chan was nuts).

"What the heck..." She started, only to find that Su-chan, who had jumped behind her aloof friend, had started to tickle her without remorse, her smile stretching from ear to ear. "Yah! Stop it!" Yu-na squeaked, trying to get away from Su-chan, only to find that she was hopping and jogging around the studio madly in an attempt to escape the tickling fiend, who was laughing madly behind her.

"Good, this is good!" Giggled Su-chan, now trying to run after both Anna and Yu-na as they tried to escape her weird ways of getting them to move around. But, as they moved around, the two found it far easier to dance freely to the music like Su-chan had been doing earlier.

And soon enough, much to the delight of the ball of energy that had suggested they do this, Yu-na and Anna were soon dancing along to the music without a care in the world alongside their mad, but brilliant, friend.

"See? This is even better than doing something we have practised, right?" Su-chan asked, dancing around happily as Yu-na, trying hard to conceal her enjoyment, and Anna, who was happily spinning around and smiling, nodded in agreement. Su-chan was right... this was fun and better than what they had been practising all along!

"It's okay, I guess..." Yu-na mumbled, spinning quickly and running behind Anna to hide a smile that threatened to ruin the cool look on her face. Anna wanted to laugh at this childish and shy Yu-na, but she knew that if she did, she would embarrass her in front of Su-chan, who had barely ever seen this side of the Cool, Princess-like member. Soon enough, though, Yu-na was back to dancing alongside her friends and group mates, smiling slightly as she waved her arms around and ran after Su-chan, happy and merry.

The girls continued to bounce around after that, laughing and running after each other happily in their own version of a freestyle dance. Despite the nerves and fears of both Anna and Yu-na previously, they were now at ease and happy with the energetic and carefree ways that Su-chan seemed to live by. And, because of the amount of fun that they were having, whenever the music stopped they would simply start it again, making up their own dances as they went along with the music.

But, of course, all good things do have to come to an end, and whilst the girls were tired and worn out, they did not want to stop their quirky new way of dancing. Sure, it was not structured or organised like Anna and Yu-na were used to, but it was the most fun the girls had had in a long time! For a few glorious hours of their life, they were able to frolic around and be kids again, all thanks to the carefree and energetic nature of Su-chan.

With one last jump together, the girls landed on the ground. Breathing heavily and clearly tired from their running around and dancing, the girls smiled at one another as they stopped to catch their breath. At that moment, Su-chan felt proud of herself, patting herself on the back for a job well done at allowing Anna and Yu-na to dance and run around without restriction. For her, it was a truly wonderful moment, and she would cherish it forever in her memories.

"That was really fun!" Smiled Anna, thankful that BOSS had not made it to their practice session that dy. Yu-na could only nod in agreement, a small smile on her lips as Su-chan grinned broadly, glad that she had been so successful in her freestyle dance session.

"We should try it again sometime, maybe..." Yu-na admitted quietly, which earned an even bigger smile from Su-chan. "But only when BOSS-san isn't here!" She added quickly, earning a nod of understanding and agreement from Anna.

Hearing this, Su-chan clapped her hands happily, nodding eagerly  at what Yu-na had said before beginning to walk towards the CD Player and camera equipment again, her eyes twinkling even brighter than before.

"Oh yeah, I have to tell you guys something...." Su-chan started, staring at both Anna and Yu-chan with an intent, almost terrifyingly serious, gaze now. The two girls looked at each other, and frowned. Why had Su-chan, so carefree and happy, become so serious in a matter of seconds, they wondered?

"What is it?" Anna asked, almost afraid of what the answer could be. Surely, Su-chan could only have good news? Right...?

"Just thought you should know this, but I put the cameras on record! I was filming our freestyle dance practice the entire time!" She grinned, and in one swift motion, Su-chan had grabbed the camera that had recorded the whole dance process, and ran towards the door before either Yu-na or Anna could stop her. She was gone as quickly as she had announced her deceit, leaving the Studio behind in her wake as the two gob-smacked members stood there, eyes wide and mouths open. Yu-na was the first to regain her composure and make a move for the door.

"... SUZUKA!!! Get back here NOW!!!" She screamed, her cool, aloof character replaced with an angered mistress now hell-bent on catching Su-chan, who was cackling gleefully as she ran for her life from the enraged Yu-na, leaving behind a shocked, and once again nerve-ridden, Anna...

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