Saturday, 14 April 2012

Introduction to Girl Group ManaMinaRisa

I decided to chance looking for an interesting Idol group by searching Google Images, and the 3-member Idol group ManaMinoRisa popped up, linking to the blog Pure Idol Heart, which actually posts a lot of Indie unit related posts. However, this isn't the first time I had actually seen this group - I actually stumbled upon their newest PV a while back, most likely by JPHiP, but had no interest in the group at all, because their new song was not to my taste. However, I am glad that I found them again. A lot of groups that I actually like now are groups that I dismissed beforehand, then returned to later by chance or accident. So hopefully this won't be the last I see of this cute group.

Some brief information on ManaMinoRisa - They are known as the 'little sister' group of Perfume, as they debuted from the same school, Actors School in Hiroshima. However, they don't possess the same vocaloid-like sound that Perfume have adopted, but portray a cuter image that is a lot more Idol-like. They debuted back in 2007 with their first single, IDOLDAMA☆C.

I'm not going to exactly class these girls as Indies Idols, however I don't see them around the web much, so I will post their profiles and videos here.

Name: Tanino Manami
Nickname: Mana-san, Garako
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 156cm
Interests: Eating, walking, collecting Disney items, Make-up, touching my nose with my tongue

Name: Okayama Minori
Nickname: Mino, Minorin
Birthplace; Hiroshima Prefecture
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 160cm
Interests: Shopping only

Name: Matsumae Rina
Nickname: Ri-chan
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 157.2cm
Interests: Jump in CafĂ©'s, dance, jump repeatedly to the side

1st single, IDOLDAMA☆C PV

2nd Single, 'Koi Obu Myujikku' (Love of Music)

3rd Single, 'Ai to Heiwa no Messeji (Shou)

5th Single, 'Polaris'

5th single, 'Sentimental Riot'

6th single, 'Doremiso☆ Rock!'

6th Single 'Home Again ~Ai no Misoshiru~

Now, please excuse me whilst I killmy ears with the amazing Polaris and Sentimental Riot!


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