Tuesday, 21 June 2011

9nine 'Natsu wanna say love U' - JPop takes on Kpop

When the PV came out for 9nine's new summer single, 'Natsu wanna say Love U', I thought that, like most other summer songs that have hit the stands (Momoiro Sparkling, Kikakke wa YOU, Shoujo Hikou, My Days For You etc etc...), Natsu wanna say love U would be cute, bubbly and overly summery like the pop tunes we have been getting lately.

It seems that I was wrong. Very wrong.

From the beginning, I can tell that this single is something I would hear from, say, Perfume or a K-pop group. It's rather robotic, and quite Electro on some levels, with a cute edge of pop added in there to give it that summery feeling.

Even the chorus, with its pop, summery tune, is catchy and fun. Listening to it, I think of the beach, and during a certain point in the song I swore there was a sound effect that sounded just like the sea.

I feel that the greatest thing about this single is that it has that K-pop influence to it, which may bring 9nine some much-needed recognition. As K-pop is a big hit in Japan right now, this single is perfect, and it makes me really happy that 9nine released it later than any of the other big girl groups in Japan, because it gives them a bigger chance with sales if Morning Musume or AKB48 aren't releasing singles at the same time as they are.

Their sound is refreshing for me, especially as I don't listen to K-pop, so to any K-pop lovers out there, give this single a chance! It's up-beat, summery and edgy - and a somewhat totally different tune to what I usually hear from 9nine - it's the perfect single for summer, one that I could listen to over and over again.

About the PV

Like the song, the PV is very summery and up-beat, and quit cute. There is a lot of edge to the dance shot scenes. All versions are airy, bright and summery, with fitting clothes (there are lots of costume changes for this song, it seems) and lots of colour. I especially love the Ice Cream Props that they use as ice creams, and the fact that they all wear wedges instead of heels.

There is some CGI, which again reminds me of something I would probably see in a K-pop PV (as well as the dance, among other things) and during certain close up scenes together, they're seen having random fun, and they look so natural their smiles are infectious! It looks like fun, so I want to try it, too!

A lot of thought has been put into the PV, the Dance Shot, the close up versions, props, clothes and the composition of this song. Hopefully, the sales for 9nine's latest single will sky rocket to number 1, just like PASSPO did on their official debut.

Good luck, 9nine! I love you! <3

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  1. I have quite high hopes for 9nine. Fingers crossed for the new year, eh? Great review too, nice job ^~^